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Parents Circle
at Hillel At Dartmouth  


We are thrilled to introduce the Parents Circle, a platform designed to foster a robust and supportive community for our students' families. This program offers you, as parents, a unique opportunity to engage more deeply with your child's Jewish life on campus.

Why Join The Parents Circle?

The Parents Circle is not just about participation; it's about partnership. By joining this vibrant community, you will have the chance to:


  • Be part of a network of like-minded parents who share your interest in enhancing Jewish traditions on campus.

  • Attend quarterly conversations with Rabbi Seth, offering a window into your child's campus experience and a deeper understanding of their journey.

  • Receive dedicated updates about Hillel’s activities, initiatives, and events.

  • Your student will receive a special birthday message from Rabbi Seth & personalized invitation to Hillel's monthly birthday Shabbat celebrations. 

Enriching Jewish Life Together

Your involvement can make a real difference. By partnering with Rabbi Seth and the Hillel team, you can contribute your ideas, knowledge, and expertise to enrich our community. We believe in the power of collaboration, and your insights would be invaluable in shaping the future of Jewish life at Dartmouth.


Supporting the Next Generation

There is a unique joy and satisfaction that comes from supporting the next generation of Jewish students in developing their own commitments. By joining the Parents Circle, you can play a crucial role in nurturing our Jewish future and ensuring that our rich traditions continue to thrive in fresh ways.


Join Us Today!

We invite you to join the Parents Circle and become a part of this exciting endeavor. Your membership dues will go directly towards supporting Hillel at Dartmouth's mission to create an inclusive, engaging, and vibrant Jewish community on campus.


Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can ensure that every student feels at home at Hillel at Dartmouth.Join the Parents Circle today, and let us enrich Jewish life on campus together!

bagel brunch julia with family_edited.jpg
Parent Circle Co-Chairs 2023-2024 

Jon Brooks P'26

Alisha Risch P' 25

Emily Hart Reith P'26 

Gil Rosenthal '90 P '25 '27

Shari Seiner P '22, '24, '27 

Advisory Council 2023-2024 

Dana Aronson P '26

Jeremy Katz '93 P '26

Ellen Rockmore P'27 

Amanda Salzhauer '93 P '24,'27

Kevin Wilkins P'24

ParentS circle suggested annual contribution*

1st year families | $180
2nd year families | $360
3rd year families | $720

4th year families | $1,440
*We warmly welcome every family. We value your participation and financial investment.

Contributions are flexible as you see fit. 

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